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This is some footage that didn’t quite make the final cut of “Color Outside the Lines, primarily because there wasn’t enough space to incorporate the entire segment in my opinion. Originally I wanted to include an entire section focused on femininity within a male dominated culture. It would talk about how women with a lot of tattoos are often perceived by others, their relationship preferences, how hard it is to maintain those relationships as well as being the best at what they do in something traditionally masculine. A couple of the artists were single mothers as well, so we talked about how they balance that part of life as well. Unfortunately there were somethings we needed that we couldn’t get and we couldn’t figure out how to make this segment flow seamlessly with the rest of the film. It didn’t make sense to just put it in, if it didn’t flow. Women are still represented in the film and now here is some additional footage for your viewing pleasure.

This interview was done in 2010 with body piercers Brittany Slam and B. Girard. They both also from time to time take awesome photos for magazines, that showcase the possibility of a women wearing a body full of tattoos and having people recognize the beauty in it. Here you will see us discuss questions like: How does the outside world perceive you? What type of men do you attract? What will you do when you are old and have all those tattoos? What tattoo means the most to you?

It’s a very candid discussion that is sure to open eyes of males and females about not only these women but all women with tattoos.

Reblog and spread the word, there are people who still think all tattoos give you disease, so they damn sure need to be aware of the beauty of the artform!

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